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Wood Glue

Specially formulated for our prefinished letters.

Genuine Angelus Pacific Decals: Alpha Chi Omega Decals

Genuine Angelus Pacific Decals are available on Paddle Tramps' beautiful wood backgrounds. These backgrounds help to "show off" your crest and accentuate it on your paddle or project.

Alpha Chi Omega Decals
Alpha Chi Omega Decals

Decal Only, 3 Per Pack

Code: 520D201
Price: $15.00

Quantity in Basket: none
Alpha Chi Omega Decal Background
Decal Crest
Double Raised
Solid Walnut on a
Solid Oak Background

4" Tall x 5/16" Thick

Code: 503DC201
Price: $7.35

Quantity in Basket: none
Alpha Chi Omega Mini Decal Background
Mini Crest
Single Layer
Solid Walnut

1-5/8" Tall x 5/32" Thick

Code: 504MC201
Price: $3.95

Quantity in Basket: none