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Bid Day FAQs

Bid Day FAQs

We appreciate each and every order! We have been creating Bid Day gift packs since the 80’s and have been in the Greek business since 1961! We’ve got this down… and have been working hard all summer to make this year’s Bid Day the best one yet! We are here to help you make this a great celebration for your family! Here is a list of questions we hear often that may help you out.

Q. What if I ordered a bid day pack and my daughter decides not to join a sorority? Can I get a refund?

A. Yes you can. We also can switch a sorority pack to a Texas Tech pack so she gets a gift anyway. We can also give a gift certificate for the store (we have lots of great merchandise that is not sorority or Tech even!) but if you prefer a refund at that time, we can certainly do that for you.

Q. How does this pre-order thing work?… I don’t know what sorority yet!

A. No one does… it’s ok! Once you have pre-ordered all you have to do is send an e-mail to on Bid Day once you know the sorority and we will get your package ready for your daughter to pick up!

Q. Why should I pre-order?

A. We do occasionally run out of items… we do the very best we can but it happens! Pre-orders are given priority on Bid Day when we pull orders. It also makes the entire process run smoother for you and for us… Bid Day gets a little crazy around here!

Q. So you so you can't deliver on campus… how does she get her package?

A. We have an in-store pickup service beginning Wednesday August 23rd (the day after Bid Day). She will get a text message when her package is ready and she can come to the store to pick it up at that time. Our store is easily walk-able from all on-campus residence halls and some off-campus apartments.

Q. What if I choose to have the gift shipped?

A. You can certainly have the gift shipped to your recipient. Packages will begin shipping out Wednesday, August 23rd after Bid Day and will likely arrive to the recipient later in the week.

Q. Can I create my own package?

A. Yes… you can. BUT all packages come with free wrapping and they are a little bit discounted from normal prices… so you’re getting a better deal with a gift pack. If you chose to do your own you can add gift wrap for $5. We suggest you start with a package and add what you’d like to it.