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Little Giant  Paddle 190-Kit
    Little Giant  Paddle 190-Kit

    This Solid Oak Little Giant Paddle comes with all the parts you need to design a great gift.
    Included are the following:

    1- Your Greek Organization's Genuine Angelus Pacific Decal Crest with Wood
    Background and the Greek letters associated with your decal crest.
    2- A double-raised symbol of your choice.
    3- The first name of the BigBrother/Sister
    4- The first name of the Pledge - LittleBrother/Sister
    5- The Pledge Year
    6- The Semester
    7- A Banner Background for your Crest including up to six Greek or English Letters.

    We even include two of our decorative MIni Paddles and two Connected Letters for your BigBro/LilBro or BigSis/LilSis. This Little Giant Paddle has it all!

    Purchase Little Giant Paddle 190-Kit
    • Little Giant Paddle 190-Kit
      SKU: 500190-KIT

    • Price: $99.95

      Material: Oak
      Width: 7-1/2"
      Height: 26-1/2"
      Thickness: 5/8"

      Quantity in Basket:  None

    • 6. - Semester:

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